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Top 10 Emerging Prototype Engineering Services Companies – 2021

Prototyping remains a critically important part of each stage in the development of a new product. Thanks to leading-edge technologies, the way products are designed and engineered is transforming dramatically today. Everyday innovations are burgeoning, enabling legacy enterprises and agile startups to develop, test, perfect, and market their products in efficient and novel ways. As a result, they are uncovering new ways to operate, scale, and compete.

Notably, technologies are significantly contributing to the development of cutting-edge practices in prototyping today. For example, 3D printing has been aiding in the development of live prototyping—an inventive approach that is bridging the gap between rapid prototyping and piloting. While live prototyping keeps the costs down and operations agile similar to rapid prototyping, it also allows for contextualized market-testing, just like in the piloting process.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is another technology that is disrupting the manufacturing and prototyping spaces currently. From robotics and automation to natural language processing (NLP) and generative design, AI is helping in designing, prototyping, manufacturing, and engineering in a wide range of ways. Generative design that leverages AI and the cloud, for instance, is enabling the creation of design solutions, which would never have been conceived by the human mind.

At this juncture, there is a variety of prototype engineering services companies available in the market that cater to the different needs of manufacturing organizations. To help them choose the company that best fits their requirement, Manufacturing Outlook has compiled a list of the 10 emerging prototype engineering services companies. The enlisted companies are the frontrunners in the market that provide a wide span of features. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CXOs.

We present to you Manufacturing Outlook’s, “Top 10 Emerging Prototype Engineering Services Companies – 2021.”

    Top Emerging Prototype Engineering Services Companies

  • Brainchild Engineering is a Michigan-based engineering service company that aims to support struggling independent inventors and startup businesses succeed by giving them hand-held assistance. The firm assists inventors in crossing the finish line by delivering a comprehensive, turn-key solution that leads them through a step-by-step procedure. Brainchild Engineeringhas assisted innumerable innovators and businesses in the creation of tangible products. This product development company provides services that help in inventor training, mentoring, and prototyping, while also covering the entire spectrum of the invention development process, with the focus being on taking inventors from an idea on the drawing board to making a physical product and earning money from the invention

  • Enser is a leading provider of specialized engineering solutions to several energy, healthcare, automotive, aviation, paper, and defense manufacturers. The company’s extensive experience in working with several organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, uniquely positions it to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for its clients. What gives it an extra edge is its ability to deliver diverse technologies, performance, quality, cost, and reliability, all from a single source, a complete turnkey solution

  • Tamarisk is an end-to-end hardware development service provider for all prototyping, engineering, and manufacturing needs.Tamarisk can quickly turn over high-value parts to its clients through in-house PCB Assembly and Full Machine Shop equipment. From a product design standpoint, Tamarisk evaluates a product’s inherent working in a marketplace and understands the user experience to ensure that the final product architecture is of top-quality and offers a good value proposition.In addition, Tamarisk has a list of prototype technology partners that it collaborates with to assure clients the most accurate strategies for designing and manufacturing a prototype or final product

  • 3D Brooklyn

    3D Brooklyn

    3D Brooklyn is a modern manufacturing company in Brooklyn, New York. We offer product design, injection molding and 3D printing services. We provide affordable access to all the knowledge and tools people need to begin making products for themselves. Because we believe that modern manufacturing technology, like 3D printers, provide us an opportunity to solve the world’s greatest problems. We are committed to sharing knowledge and access to these amazing technologies so others can join us in making smarter, greener, cleaner products for the 21st century. Have your own idea? We offer 3D design and prototyping services for a wide range of ideas. Whether it’s a custom gift for mom, a new invention or a creative fix for your house - we are here to help

  • Innovaum


    At Innovaum, we aim to push the current boundaries of prototype engineering, manufacturing and marketing into the future. We love to create, innovate and help ideas come to life. Innovaum employees enjoy helping others benefit from developing new ideas and designs. We believe that Innovaum’s rapid prototyping and business resources allow both individual and commercial customers to bring their ideas, designs and dreams to life. A majority of ideas never see the light of day, this is largely due to the ambiguity and pain of the product development process. We want to be the company that decreases the loss of innovative ideas. Innovaum strives to knock down any barriers and fears for inventors creating a product. The Innovaum team will do everything in our power to make the entire product development process easy, accessible, and affordable

  • Mina Product Development

    Mina Product Development

    Mina Product Development, Inc. has provided comprehensive product development services since 1987. We have 100+ years of combined experience in Medical Device, Biotech design & MFG, utilizing Plastic casting, Injection molded plastics, Silicon Molding & Compression molding. We offer personalized service and support for projects through all phases of product development, from design/conception, to prototyping, to final manufacturing. Additionally we offer Machine Shop services & CNC for most metals and dedicated CNC machine for plastics fabrication. As a seasoned manufacturer, Mina fosters enhanced product viability and superb quality while considering time constraints and cost¬ effectiveness

  • R2FACT


    R2FACT is full-service multifunctional product development firm. Innovates for businesses, startups and inventors by providing product design and engineering with an expertise in technical requirements generation, functional prototyping and testing. R2FACT is on-demand Research and Development firm with proven and successful delivery of Medical Devices, Consumer Products, Industrial Instruments and Commercial Equipment from IDEA TO IMPLEMENTATION

  • The Hendey Group

    The Hendey Group

    The Hendey Group is a product development company with a manufacturing-centric background. We offer Product Design services with the added knowledge of materials, production processes, sourcing, Industrial Robotics, and Tooling Design. These competencies help our customers achieve product manufacturability more quickly and successfully. Throughout the arc of your product development, you might need a variety of services to facilitate the process. The Hendey Group is comprised of specialized entities that provide a complete set of solutions - from product inception to its ready-to-manufacture state – ensuring you have the resources and expertise to keep your project progressing. The skill set of The Hendey Group encompasses a wide range of areas – from manufacturing engineering and robotic automation to plant site operations and more. This experience enables our team to thoroughly consider every aspect of your product development life cycle, and plan accordingly to help eliminate downstream issues

  • Tricreation


    Tricreation offers extensive model and prototype services which validate concepts throughout the design process. Communication is key to the design process. We are accessible and available to talk through your design needs, review all angles of the project and keep you abreast of changes, progress, and possiblities from start to finish. At TriCreation the mastery of 3D form creation is married with our broad product design experience. This combination streamlines the ideation process and allows us to forsee potential snags or hiccups before parts are cut. We've been successfully bridging the gap between designers and engineers for over eight years

  • WhiteLight Design

    WhiteLight Design

    WhiteLight Design is an industrial design agency in the Atlanta, GA area with decades of experience in product design, product engineering, design for manufacturing, and rapid metal or plastic prototype and development. The core WhiteLight Design Team is led by Mr. Willis Whiteside, M.S., IDSA and Senior Associates of 20+ years who are committed to building invention dreams and supporting our corporate Clients at the highest level of Industrial Design and prototype service possible. At WhiteLight Design, gaining your confidence and trust that we are qualified and committed to your business objectives and goals is our primary focus. Our Clients, ranging from start-up inventors to small business entrepreneurs to some of the top Fortune 500 corporations, have worked with us from brainstorming sessions to the applied science of utilizing our Strategic Development Process to save valuable time to market and monies. Our Industrial Designers and Product Design Engineers focus on the Fundamentals using masters level industrial design, 3D CAD, mechanical and electrical engineering, rapid prototyping, and manufacturing experience with strategic business intelligence to deliver long term, human-centered branding design solutions

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